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For contacting us use the Mailinglists:


We have two mailinglists for Open-BLDC:

  • Main mailinglist open-bldc
  • Commit messages mailinglist open-bldc-commits (This is a read only Mailinglist for tracking the progress in the main GIT repositories)

The Commit mailinglist is a read only mailinglist you will never be able to post to it. If you want to send an email to us use the main mailinglist]!

Because of Spam prevention you are only allowed to post to the main mailinglist if you subscribed to it! If you are not subscribed any email you send will be rejected! Use the above links to subscribe to the mailinglists.


For more real time chatting just join the #open-bldc channel on the freenode IRC network.

Have patiance when you join the channel and ask a question. Writing a question and waiting for only 5 min is not enough! We will get to you as soon as we can, but it may take some time, as we sleep sometimes too! :)

As it is a very often asked question: You can change your nick on IRC using /nick (newnick) command.

Issue Tracker

We use for bug tracking and feature tracking the GitHub issue tracker.