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Jan 7th, 2011: Projectmovie release

Projectmovie 2010 got released. The final movie can be found on the foto23 page.

Dec 28th, 2010: Interview for Projectmovie

The guys from Projectmovie interviewed us. You can see the trailer here on vimeo.

Dec 27th-30th, 2010: We were at the 27C3

We were at the 27C3 and had a stand there. You can see our project page here.

Nov 27th, 2010: Implemented active freewheeling

Peddie implemented and got active freewheeling working in a lab setup.

Nov 15th, 2010: Implemented regenerative braking

Esden got the regenerative breaking working in a lab setup.

Sep 16th, 2010 Hardware based closed loop control

Esden got the hardware based closed loop control running. (Article)

Aug 05th, 2010 new Open-BLDC v0.3 hardware arrived

Esden got the new v0.3 Open-BLDC hardware and assembled it. (Article)

Unknown dates until Aug 2010

  • Finished implementing sampling based commutation detection
  • Implemented closed loop motor control based on the sampling based commutation detection
  • Started implementing open loop motor spinup
  • Realized that sampling based commutation detection is difficult to use at high RPM
  • Started designing Open-BLDC v0.3 hardware
  • Started designing Open-BLDC tiny hardware (Video)


Unknown dates until end of 2009, many many things

  • Developed and built v0.2 logic board
  • Started implementing sampling based commutation detection
  • Lots of work on the software getting subsystems supported
  • Many more things that did not get documented

Aug 09th, 2009 first v0.1 board fully assembled

Esden fully assembled the first Open-BLDC v0.1 PCB. (Article)

Aug 08th, 2009 First v0.1 board is alive

Esden assembled the basic circuitry of v0.1 Open-BLDC boards and it works! (Article)

Aug 05th, 2009 v0.1 boards arrived

The first revision v0.1 of Open-BLDC boards arrived at Esden's (Article)

Jun 13th, 2009 Second prototype

Esden built the second Prototype of Open-BLDC usind all smd parts and current sensors for all three phases. This is much nearer to the final design and allows experiments with Vector Control.

Mai 06th, 2009 Maiden run of commutation detection

Esden makes the maiden run of a brushless motor connected to the bread board prototype of Open-BLDC using sensorless commutation detection.

Apr 27th, 2009 Maiden run of a motor

Esden makes the maiden run of a brushless motor connected to the bread board prototype of Open-BLDC.

Mar 24th, 2009 IR2110 based power stage circuit

Esden assembles a prototype of a powerstage circuit on a breadboard. (Article)

Mar 20th, 2009 Breadboard Adapters

Esden writes about breadboard adapters used to connect the Olimex board driving the Open-BLDC breadboard prototype. (Article)

Mar 15th, 2009 Selecting parts for Open-BLDC power stage prototype

Esden writes about selecting some parts for the Open-BLDC breadboard prototype. (Article)

Feb 26th, 2009 Building arm gnu gcc toolchain

Esden writes about how to build an arm gnu gcc toolchain suitable for building code for Open-BLDC. (Article)

Feb 16th, 2009 Open-BLDC MK

Open-BLDC MK side project code gets released. (Article)


Dec 12th, 2008 first Open-BLDC circuits

The first circuits of Open-BLDC get uploaded to GitHub