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Open-BLDC Project Site
Open-BLDC stands for Open Source Brush Less DC Motor Controller.

The goal of the project is to create a completely Open-Source BrushLess Direct Current moto controller also known as Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). This means in our case that the software is released under GPL, version 3 or later and the hardware is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Current status

Still in planning and testing phase.

  • First tests with Mikrokopter BL-CTRLs done.
  • First approaches to circuits and board designs based on Atmega microcontrollers were done.
  • Version 0.3 of Open-BLDC is successfully and reliably controlling a brushless motor (associated blog post)
  • Clogic board that replaces the logic in Castle motor controllers is up and running
  • Betatesting of Strip low cost motor controller for small multicopters

For more information visit Twisted World of Esden blog.

Or join us on IRC #open-bldc on freenode

Some interesting links

Current featureset

  • Mounts on off the shelf Castle Creations power stages which allows:
    • From 2C up to 12C LiPo cell support
    • Up to 200A constant power output depending on the power stage used
    • Detachable/Interchangeable power-stage
  • Hardware support for Fieldvector control (software pending)
  • Hardware and software support for hardware based (comparator) BEMF control
  • Regenerative braking (battery push back active braking)
  • High speed (500kB/s) UART (TTL level Serial) based PC control and data aquisition interface

Planned features

  • Active freewheeling
  • Adjustable timings
  • Different interfaces:
    • PPM
    • I2C
    • CAN
    • Fieldvector control
  • Speed control
  • Torque control
  • Hall sensor based control


  • Markus Bechtold for reviewing the PCB designs and many useful tips!
  • Benjamin Glass for finding problems in the circuitry!
  • All the developers from the UAVP-NG project for good ideas and encouragement!
  • Richard Querin for the wonderful logo!
Open-BLDC Strip V0.1