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Here some pictures and information about V0.3 of Open-BLDC


  • Sensors
    • Voltage sensing on all three phases
    • Current sensing on two phases
    • Supply rail voltage sensing
    • Comparator for hardware based BEMF zero crossing detection
  • Interfaces
    • UART (TTL level RS232 interface)
    • CAN (Controller Area Network)
    • I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit)
  • Three board stack allowing easy changes and different revisions of hardware

Changes from V0.2

  • Added virtual star point resistor network
  • Added comparator for hardware based BEMF zero crossing detection
  • Split out gate driver circuitry to a separate board
  • Changed the huge D2Pak mosfets to an array of tiny power33 ones
  • Added big rail stabilization capacitors
  • Added quadrature encoder connector
  • The logic board now expects all input signals to be in the 0V-5V range (for compatibility to logic boards that can only do 5V
  • Updated and refined inter board connector pinout
  • Added additional i2c interface from logic board to power driver and powerstage
  • Added i2c eeprom on the power driver board for storing powerstage calibration information