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We describe here what you as a new developer to Open-BLDC need to know.

The resources

You can find all the software and hardware designs in the Open-BLDC GIT repository. You can find it on GitHub:


A short description of the contents of the GIT repository:

  • hardware: This directory contains all the hardware designs that were created over time.
    • hardware/v0.1, hardware/v0.2, hardware/v0.3: These are the early designs of open-bldc having an integrated powerstage.
    • hardware/onepiece: This is the hardware that has only one pcb and has the goal of being as small as possible with an integrated powerstage.
    • hardware/clogic: This is the newes design of Open-BLDC, designed to be only the logic and bridge driver that mounts on the Castle Creations Phoenix ICE and Phoenix ICE HV powerstages.
  • source: This directory contains the PC software, hardware firmware and tool sources.
    • source/firmware: The Open-BLDC logic hardware firmware sources.
    • source/qgovernor: The Open-BLDC PC software sources.
    • source/libgovernor: The library implementing the Open-BLDC hardware to PC protocol.
    • source/utils: Utilities used throughout the Open-BLDC software.


We use several different communication channels in Open-BLDC. Good starting point is the Contact page.


If you are confused with the project and you manage to solve the confusion somehow. Try to prevent the confusion for others by adding the neccesary information to the wiki. It is really simple, make an account and edit pages. You are welcome to do so! Ad please don't use the excuse that you have no clue. Asking helps! :)

Other resources

If you want to play around with the software a very good resource is the Compiling Firmware page.